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SPN Top 10: Must see startup movies

Do they make movies about successful start-ups?

A quick search reveals this question has been asked and answered on several different occasions every year for several years. The selection criteria appear to be: 1. About a startup (The Social Network) or 2. About business (The Wolf of Wall Street). This seems like a rather limited scope of movies to choose from.

Consistent with our mission, SPN is about changing mindsets, or in this case, a movie genre. With that in mind, here is your list of the ten movies not limited to business, or about a startup that tell a great story about business and startups.

1. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. A small band of experts with a proprietary technology set out to save the world from a giant flame engulfed eyeball.
2. Hoosiers. The best example of team building and changing an established culture.
3. Straight Outta Compton. Here we see the lifecycle of a startup from the early beginnings to the bitter end.
4. There will be blood. An entrepreneur story from the early frontier.
5. MASH. One of the first stories of counter culture paired with excellence in the work place.
6. The Untouchables. A story about team formation, strategy, underground markets, and government regulation.
7. Revenge of the Nerds. Starting an organization from scratch, building a team, prototyping a javelin, and winning a pitch competition.
8. The Magnificent 7. A story of outlaws and nonconformists coming together to solve a problem.
9. Dallas Buyers Club. A great story of a founder and the struggles to overcome government regulation.
10. Ratatouille. Not joking. Have you seen it?

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