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Transportant raises $1 million to keep kids safe

Transportant describes itself as a pupil transportation management company based in the Kansas City area. The company raised just north of $1 million over the course of the last nine months from a variety of sources including Missouri Technology.

Pupil transportation is a clever way to describe getting kids to school (or other activities) on school buses. Transportant has built a suite of applications for this space including on-bus wifi, a location tracking app, information about the fleet, and other tools. These applications provide a variety of security measures for parents, students, and school administration, ensuring that kids get on and off the bus safely and that it efficiently arrives at its destination.

The founders John Styers and Alan Fairless have a background in transportation. They are also recent graduates of The Lean Lab in Kansas City, which works with companies to solve challenges within the K-12 educational system.

Missouri Technology is a government sponsored organization that is intended to strengthen science, technology, and the economy of the State of Missouri. The website lists a current portfolio of more than one hundred companies, including many from our recently published list of Missouri companies that we are keeping an eye on.

For more information about Transportant – check out their website at www.transportant.com.

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