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Posts by Tom McCauley

Daake Helps Brands Focus through Strategy and Design

Daake knows something about reinvention. In May, the Omaha-based branding agency acquired local creative mainstays Webster Design, nearly doubling their staff and gaining some powerful minds in the process. The agency also recently upgraded their offices, rehabbing a former cigar bar into a sleek, sunlit, open-plan environment overlooking a golf course.  Spend a few minutes…

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8 Qs with a Silicon Prairie Founder: Meghann Schense of The Grove Juicery + Wellness Café

Meghann Schense is a seasoned entrepreneur with a vision for improving health and wellness in the Omaha community. Her latest venture, the Grove Juicery + Wellness Café, offers a variety of organic, raw, cold-pressed juices and other highly nutritious treats. Previously, Schense worked as an international fashion consultant; her company Esoteric Velvet was an influential…

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8 QS with a Silicon Prairie Founder: Alex Kuklinski of NMotion, fyiio

Alex Kuklinski is director of NMotion, a Lincoln-based startup accelerator, and founder & CEO of fyiio, a video tutorial and written training guide platform for businesses. In addition to being a business visionary and a strong voice for the Silicon Prairie startup community, he wears timeless Buddy Holly glasses and fashionable dinosaur shirts from Stitch…

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8QS with a Silicon Prairie Founder: Katie Byers of HomeDitty

Katie Byers is passionate about getting artists paid. Just because a songwriter like Soccer Mommy doesn’t have a billion downloads doesn’t mean she isn’t twice as talented and hardworking as Ariana Grande or three Mobys. Musicians should be compensated fairly for their work and have a chance to make a living. That’s why Byers started…

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Highlander Code Camp Builds Tomorrow’s Tech Workforce

Teach a kid to code, and they can debug their life. Studies have shown that programming benefits a child’s cognitive development, especially reflectivity and divergent thinking skills, both crucial to creative problem-solving. Learning how to code also helps children enhance their metacognitive abilities, so that they can think about the way they think. Metacognition training…

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iEXCEL Revolutionizes Healthcare Education through Immersive Technology

Everybody’s gotta start somewhere. That includes the doctor hitting your knee with a mallet. And the nurse splinting your child’s broken arm.   And the EMT saving your life. University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Interprofessional Experiential Center for Enduring Learning (iEXCEL) employs real-life visualization and simulation technology to educate students and professionals in the healthcare…

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