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Amanda Morrow shares the tools she uses to design at Change

Photo by Amanda Morrow August 15, 2014 by

(Guest post by Amanda Morrow) Now, I'm not really one to obsess over tools. I try to take a pragmatic approach and focus more on what needs to be accomplished, then find the best tool for the task at hand. When others ask me what to use for designing apps or websites, I often suggest whatever tool they're most comfortable with. If you like sketching on notecards, grab a marker. If you like MS Paint, start placing those pixels.  read more

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Prairie Portrait: Nate Fryzek of Presage Analytics

nathan-large August 9, 2014 by

One thing Lincoln has that other Silicon Prairie cities don’t: The actual startup community people are fantastic here. They act as conduits and invest so much time into community activities. Some people in other communities have to hear the same names over and over and be like — "Who is Brian Ardinger?" "What is a Turbine Flats?" etc. Come visit us and find out. Email me ahead of time, though!  read more

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These are the 12 tools software dev shop Volano uses to get stuff done

Rod Smith, Volano Solutions August 8, 2014 by

(Guest post by Rod Smith) At Volano Solutions, we help our clients work smarter through our custom workflow software and consulting. These software systems become our clients’ competitive advantage. At any one time, we have 24-plus projects active in the shop and rely on a set of tools to manage the workload. We like to practice what we consult, so the software we use is a pragmatic mix of custom software, off-the-shelf packages and SaaS products…  read more

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