St. Louis and Missouri


How St. Louis is Becoming a Hub of Innovation (Again)

By SPN Team / December 1, 2017

According to recent research by the University of Virginia, all but a very select group of cities are struggling to figure out how to create jobs in a time when companies are less dependent on human beings and traditional industries face technology– and trade-driven disruption. St. Louis is one of the metropolitan areas trying to establish an economy that can…

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Johego improves social service access in Missouri’s communities

By Christine McGuigan / October 12, 2017

Michael Kehoe recognized a gap in the social enterprise space while attending church one Sunday morning. “I decided to stick around for free donuts and coffee after church […] and I observed an elderly gentleman approach a very haggard stranger and patiently inquire about the stranger’s needs,” said Kehoe. “By memory, he directed him to…

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Coalition forms to develop Kansas City-St. Louis Hyperloop route

By SPN Team / October 6, 2017

Anyone who tells you Kansas City baseball is preferable to what you’ll experience at Busch Stadium in St. Louis is profoundly misguided, or a biased lifelong resident of Kansas City. Anyone who tells you the BBQ you’ll find in St. Louis is preferable to what you can get at Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City is…

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St. Louis-based Traaqr makes public launch at SF TechCrunch Disrupt

By Christine McGuigan / September 28, 2017

Last week, St. Louis-based startup Traaqr (pronounced tracker) announced the public release of their new product at San Francisco’s TechCrunch Disrupt. Traaqr’s release marks the first fully-automated platform able to track online to offline call conversions with the same precision as e-commerce transactions. Brian Handrigan, co-founder and co-CEO of Traaqr, likened the problem to a…

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St. Louis accelerator invests in high-potential agtech startups

By SPN Team / September 20, 2017

By the time I was 27, my wife and I were the parents of three children, including a 9-year-old. That isn’t bragging—it’s more a testament to our poor family-planning skills. For many of those years, I worked for nonprofits or the state government, and my wife was a stay-at-home parent. That meant we didn’t have…

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St. Louis Announces $5 Million Dollar “Spirit of St. Louis” Seed Stage Fund

By SPN Team / August 30, 2017

Paul Heirendt, a principal at True Bearing Advisors and co-founder of multiple startups, has first-hand experience with how hard it can be for entrepreneurs to find seed funding in St. Louis. “Of the nine startups I’ve been involved with in St. Louis in the last few years, four had to relocate to find adequate seed-stage funding,” said Heirendt. Relocation is far from the worst thing that can happen to…

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St. Louis-based startup Hoperator makes public debut with live chat hospitality services

By Christine McGuigan / August 10, 2017

St. Louis-based Hoperator, a live chat and social messaging platform which increases lead conversions and guest loyalty for independently owned travel and hospitality businesses, made its public launch last month. Co-founder Michael Foltz previously lived in Krakow, Poland where he owned and managed hostels including Stranger Hostel, a Lonely Planet Blue List Recipient as one…

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PowerPost expands outside of St. Louis with Chicago acquisition

By Christine McGuigan / August 8, 2017

PowerPost, an automated marketing software company headquartered out of St. Louis, announced last week that it had acquired Social Media Beast, one of Chicago, Illinois’ premier content marketing agencies. The acquisition is the third large transaction for PowerPost within the last 18 months and will add nearly 100 new clients to PowerPost, in addition to…

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