Kickstarter Staff Pick: Wichita-based Filimin

By SPN Team / April 22, 2015

“I wanted to give us a way to express that we love each other in a simple, unobtrusive way, a way that is totally separated from the computer, cell phone, and that hectic communication, something that is part of the warmth of your ambient environment.”

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Download Powderhook’s Gobble Map app now

By SPN Team / March 25, 2015

“We knew a couple things would make the Gobble Map a unique challenge,” said Heath Roehr, Powderhook co-founder and VP of Engineering. “We need to be able to accept potentially tens of thousands of reports coming in at the same time. We need to process and aggregate that data and display it on a map in a way that’s meaningful to sportsmen and women. And they need to be looking at this on their phone in a bandwidth limited area. And it needs to be really fast.”

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Is MusicSpoke ready for funding?

By SPN Team / March 17, 2015

When Jennifer Rosenblatt and Kurt Knecht of MusicSpoke completed the NMotion accelerator program last summer, they were adamant about not raising money. “I’ve said it often, ‘I’m not going to raise money for the sake of raising money.'”

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Pear Deck wins Rise of the Rest competition at SXSW [Video]

By SPN Team / March 16, 2015

Last night Riley Eynon-Lynch, co-founder of Pear Deck, won the Rise of the Rest pitch competition at SXSW. His prize? $150,000 in investment from Steve Case, venture capitalist and founder of America Online. Iowa City-based Pear Deck helps teachers keep students engaged in the classroom by connecting their presentations with student digital devices. It also allows students to interact with the presentation, giving teachers immediate feedback from their students.

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