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Five open-ended questions with the man behind CES, Gary Shapiro

KANSAS CITY— Gary Shapiro is the CEO of Consumer Electronics Association, producers of the world’s largest innovation event, International CES. The International CES is also home to Eureka Park, a village of hundreds of startups showcasing their work. Shapiro is also the best-selling author of Ninja Innovation and The Comeback and has been honored as a civil rights champion by the Anti-Defamation League.

He sat down with Silicon Prairie News during last week’s Big Kansas City to answer five burning questions.

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Shradha Agarwal: Entrepreneurship is a practice & you have to ask why

KANSAS CITY—When Shradha Agarwal was in fourth grade, she started a secret classroom book club.

After she’d devoured all of her parents’ books and been refused an increase in allowance to buy more, Agarwal got entrepreneurial. She decided to charge her classmates to borrow her already-read books to earn money to buy more books. Even though her teacher tried to shut the venture down, Agarwal walked away from the experience with one key idea.

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Marissa Sackler: Profit the world through nonprofits

KANSAS CITY— Marissa Sackler has the entrepreneurial spirit running through her veins.

Her father was an successful entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical space. He set out to make people feel better and she is continuing that by making the world a better place.

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