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Amanda Morrow shares the tools she uses to design at Change

Photo by Amanda Morrow August 15, 2014 by

(Guest post by Amanda Morrow) Now, I'm not really one to obsess over tools. I try to take a pragmatic approach and focus more on what needs to be accomplished, then find the best tool for the task at hand. When others ask me what to use for designing apps or websites, I often suggest whatever tool they're most comfortable with. If you like sketching on notecards, grab a marker. If you like MS Paint, start placing those pixels.  read more

Founder Friday 0

Philosophy over function: How I found the right co-founders

February 7, 2014 by

(Guest post by Dan Shipton) When building a company, you may be tempted to seek out partners who solely compliment your skills, or lack thereof. If you aren't a programmer, designer, writer or marketer, you may look for people who are. But choosing a co-founder isn't just a matter of plugging in skill sets—there's more to consider. Because co-founders spend hours [and hours] together and face endless decisions, you should also be on the same page when it comes to philosophy ...  read more

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Change celebrates 100K transactions with rakija, community party

September 17, 2013 by

About 75 members of the Des Moines startup community came out last night to help the Change team celebrate its latest accomplishment: surpassing 100,000 transactions on its point-of-sale app. "The turnout was great, the food was delicious," said Abbie Sawyer, communications coordinator at Change. "Even more than that, events like this give us energy to move forward. We don't get together with this group of friends and peers very often, and when we do, their support gives us the feeling that we can actually do this in Des Moines." ...  read more

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Grinnell English grad wins coding lessons, lands job as developer

May 3, 2013 by

For Paloma Velazquez, writing HTML is a pretty big shift from her previous writing experience. Last May she graduated from Grinnell College with degrees in English and political science. At the time, she was working as a communications coordinator for BitMethod with their app, Change. But after winning a two-year scholarship for Treehouse—a web development education tool—and teaching herself to code, Velazquez recently landed a position as a front-end developer at Des Moines' Webspec Design. …  read more

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