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Do we really need Silicon Prairie News?

Three months ago I was hired by AIM to be the new managing editor of Silicon Prairie News. Since then, nearly every day, I’ve listened to entrepreneurs across the region. I’ve met college students with a kickstarter and a dream. I’ve met mid-career professionals who hit the restart button and are risking everything with kids…

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10 people to grab coffee with if you’re new to the DSM startup community

While the Silicon Prairie may span across several states, include vastly different types of companies and entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds (and football rivalries), supportive communities are one factor that tie them all together. Whether you’re in Omaha or Des Moines, Kansas City or Cedar Rapids, you’ll find people who really care about helping their fellow entrepreneur thrive…

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How to create an entrepreneurial center of gravity like Gravitate

It’s been less than a month since Des Moines’ newest community focal point, Gravitate, opened on the third floor of the Midland Building, located at the corner of Sixth and Mulberry Streets.

With more than 40 co-workers and all of the space’s private offices already filled with local startups, Gravitate’s beginnings might just seem like the successful opening of a new office space through a set fortuitous circumstances. But, in reality, the city’s newest community center grew out of months of planning and involvement from countless people across the central Iowa entrepreneurial community…

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All systems go: Gravitate registers 25 co-workers, begins construction

About a month ago, Geoff Wood proposed a plan for what could become central Iowa’s new “entrepreneurial center of gravity” following the fast-approaching end of StartupCity Des Moines in September.

Now it looks like all systems are go with the new space, to be named Gravitate. Located in the Midland Building, just blocks from StartupCity’s current location, Wood wrote in a blog post Monday that construction will begin to ready the space for its Sept. 1 opening sometime this week.

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Meet Gravitate, Des Moines’ new entrepreneurial center of gravity

Earlier this month, Geoff Wood announced a plan for a space that would become Des Moines’ next “entrepreneurial center of gravity.” Now, after discussions with various members of the community and the building’s owner, plans for the space are beginning to coalesce.

The space will be called Gravitate—a nod to the space’s goal of becoming a community center and gathering place—and will be located just blocks away from StartupCity Des Moines’ current space in the Midland Building.

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What comes after StartupCity? Des Moines might have an answer

There’s been a lot of talk about what comes after StartupCity Des Moines when its funding ends in September. There have been community meetings and a report of findings from those meetings. And now, there just might be an answer.

Today Geoff Wood published a blog post outlining some of this thoughts and ideas for a space that would become Des Moines’ next “entrepreneurial center of gravity.”

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