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Student-made videos show off ISU, UNO entrepreneurship programs

May 30, 2013 by

Students at Iowa State University are proving that entrepreneurship doesn't just belong in the business school. In November 2012, the university's Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization was given the Campus "E-Diffusion" Award by its governing organization, an entrepreneurship network with more than 240 chapters. The award recognizes the chapter that has done the most to get students from all colleges of the university involved …  read more

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ISU students take home cash prizes from Innovation Pitch Competition

April 29, 2013 by

Students took home $1,400 in prizes at the second annual Innovation Pitch Competition April 9 at the Delta Upsilon Fraternity on the Iowa State University campus. Hosted by the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Learning Community, the event provided thirty-one students, ranging from freshmen to graduate students, an opportunity to practice their entrepreneurial pitch skills. Silicon Prairie News' Geoff Wood served as one of the competition's ...  read more

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Emerging Technologies Conference to showcase student projects April 24-25

April 3, 2013 by

Students, developers and interested members of the community are invited to attend the tenth annual Emerging Technologies Conference, which will showcase the projects and progress of students in Iowa State University's Human Computer Interaction program. The conference, which will be held April 24-25, features live demonstrations of research projects, graduate student competitions and a panel of industry professionals. …  read more

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Entrepreneurs in Residence: Molding a new type of university innovator

August 17, 2012 by

Any alumnus of Iowa State University is familiar with the work of Christian Petersen, even though it’s been more than 50 years since he set foot on campus in Ames. Petersen was artist in residence from 1933 to 1955 and left his mark by crafting 12 major sculptures for ISU while teaching and mentoring students. Artists, musicians and writers — and the institutions where they study — have long benefited from the mentorship of artists in …  read more

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Class project turned app aims to revolutionize crop scouting

July 3, 2012 by

Historically, if farmers wanted to check their crops for insects or disease, it was a tedious, inaccurate process. They would carry a couple of guidebooks, hundreds of pages each, to try and identify what they saw, recording observations with handwritten notes and sketches of the field. After completing a crop scouting internship in rural Iowa, Michael Koenig (left) decided to change that. "Crop scouting is kind of cumbersome, and just not fun," Koenig said, "we wanted to make the process a little easier to manage." ScoutPro …  read more

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Prairie Portrait: Thomas Frank, senior at Iowa State University

June 6, 2012 by

Silicon Prairie News: Can you explain the mission of College Info Geek and why you decided to launch the site? | Thomas Frank: This answer has two parts, because my mission has drastically changed over time. In all honesty, I had no plans of launching my own site in the beginning. At the time, one of my favorite college blogs was taking applications for writers, and I wanted to be one. Unfortunately, they rejected my application. That rejection (and the fact that I had a full post I had sent to them) motivated me to start my own college tips …  read more

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