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Business Record finds increased interest in entrepreneurial education

August 24, 2011 by

I love that our friends in the larger publications in Des Moines are writing more and more about the startup community in the area (did you see Juice just highlighted "The Startup Scene" as part of their "Hot in Des Moines" issue?), and I was especially excited to see that the Business Record ran a story on entrepreneurial education in Iowa's largest universities, "Students see benefits to entrepreneurial studies." Writer Kyle Oppenhuizen interviewed …  read more

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Business Record takes close look at Des Moines startup scene

July 15, 2011 by

Our friends at the Business Record ran several stories in their most recent issue highlighting the startup community in Des Moines, and like we did with Lynn Hicks' article in the Des Moines Register last week, we wanted to make sure our audience saw them as well. In the first article, writer Kyle Oppenhuizen interviews three prominent players in the local startup community, Mike Colwell of the Business Innovation Zone, Christian Renaud of Startup City Des Moines, and John Stineman of the Heartland Technology Alliance, about their …  read more

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