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SPN Startup Story Social revealed successes and surprises

Last night Silicon Prairie News hosted the first Startup Story Social, a new event highlighting a Silicon Prairie startup champion every month. Startup Story Social is aimed at helping to ensure the future of Silicon Prairie’s tech startup scene by building the community through social events that combine founders, creative types, investors, engineers, designers, marketers,…

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Bulu Box receives $1.5MM to launch new data software

Bulu Box, a health food and vitamin sample subscription box service, has received $1.5 million to launch Bulu Insights, a proprietary software that uses data received from sample surveys. The fundraising round was led by Flyover Capital and included Dundee Venture Capital and Triompf. “We use our customers’ feedback to guide all decisions on,”…

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#BangTheDrum with Bulu Box Founder Paul Jarrett

If you’ve been following me on social media in the past 2 years (probably because I inappropriately “friended” you) you have probably heard me talking about “The Bulu Crew” and what we’re doing at Bulu Box amidst the various ramblings of a highly-over-caffeinated entrepreneur. Thanks to my social marketing networking skills I’ve caught myself beating the drum about a range of topics here in the Silicon Prairie.

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What does publicity from a half-marathon mean for Bulu Box?

It was among the more unconventional marketing plays for cash-strapped Midwest startups, but Bulu Box was all in for sponsoring the Good Life Halfsy, a new half-marathon in Lincoln.

But not everyone was on board at first.

“I think Paul hesitated a bit at first and I don’t blame him,” Stephanie Jarrett, Bulu Box’s co-founder and Paul Jarrett’s wife, told SPN. “This wasn’t the type of growth hack tactic to gain tons of new customers—it was a branding and positioning event.

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10 people to grab coffee with if you’re new to Lincoln’s startup community

While the Silicon Prairie may span across several states, include vastly different types of companies and entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds (and football rivalries), supportive communities are one factor that tie them all together. Whether you’re in Omaha or Des Moines, Kansas City or Cedar Rapids, you’ll find people who really care about helping their fellow entrepreneur thrive…

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Jarrett says Pipeline Innovator of the Year award is validating, surreal

Paul Jarrett’s opinion of the Pipeline entrepreneurship program changed quickly.

At the beginning, talked into it by friends and mentors, Jarrett went to the first interview in jeans and was surrounded by entrepreneurs with suits and briefcases.

“I’ve never owned a briefcase in my life,” he said.

But by the end of it, after he was accepted and went through the year-long program, Jarrett was all in—and all nerves …

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Details emerge on Bulu Box’s “The Good Life Halfsy” half marathon

Bulu Box, the Lincoln-based health and nutrition subscription company, has partnered with Pink Gorilla events to present The Good Life Halfsy, a new Lincoln half marathon on Nov. 9.

Bulu Boxes are delivered in all 50 states, but co-founders Paul and Stephanie Jarrett were looking to provide a healthy opportunity to those a little closer to home …

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