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RestingSpot launches to put loved ones on the map

Last November, Brett Atlas spent 45 minutes driving around a Chicago cemetery in search of his grandfather’s resting spot before he sent this text: “there should be an app for this.”

Within moments after Atlas hit send, Scott Kroeger responded, and upon Atlas’ return to Omaha, the pair co-founded RestingSpot, a service that seeks to identify and guide users to the precise GPS location for every memorial site in cemeteries around the …

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Creative Capital Pitch Session finalists & details!

We received soooo many good ideas and submissions for InvestNebraska’s first pitch session! So many, that it made it very difficult to narrow them down. In alphabetical-by-first-name order, here are the 10 finalists!  Each of the finalists will have the opportunity to present for 5 minutes this coming Thursday at Nomad Lounge!  Malorie Maddox from…

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