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Fill up on entrepreneurial insight with the Thinc Iowa 2012 playlist

For two days in October, followers of our Thinc Iowa conference gorged on a smorgasbord of presentations about entrepreneurship and innovation.

Then, throughout the month of November, people had a chance to replenish their supply of lessons through the Thinc Iowa 2012 Video Series.

Now, nearing the midpoint of December, the cupboard has been bare for some time. But not any more. Today, we bring you a feast, in the form of our …

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Brad Feld believes you can create a startup community anywhere (Video)

A revolution is brewing, and no city in the world is safe.

So said Brad Feld, a managing director of Foundry Group, in his talk Oct. 11 at Thinc Iowa 2012. Feld, who has played a major role in building the startup community in his adopted hometown of Boulder, Colo., believes that, with the right ingredients, any city in the world can become a thriving …

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Tara Hunt shares story of tough entrepreneurial lessons (Video)

Tara Hunt, the co-founder Buyosphere and director of digital content at Tuxedo Agency, opened her talk Oct. 11 at Thinc Iowa 2012 with an admission. “I’m used to giving really motivational, inspirational speeches that are about kicking ass and taking names,” she said, “and I haven’t been feeling so kicking ass and taking names recently.” …

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Steve Case calls U.S. to “double down on entrepreneurship” (Video)

Steve Case, the co-founder and former CEO of AOL and current chairman of the Startup America Partnership, spoke Oct. 10 at Thinc Iowa 2012 about where his entrepreneurial journey has taken him and how he hopes the U.S. will continue to nurture entrepreneurs.

“As a nation, it’s important that we double down on entrepreneurship and make sure that we have the right policies in place,” Case said.

After …

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The Thinc Iowa 2012 Video Series makes its debut Thursday

Thinc Iowa 2012 emcee Antonio Neves took the stage Oct. 10 to prepare our 400-plus attendees for two days of presentations packed with inspiration, motivation and education.

Like Neves, this post is here to prepare you for the Thinc Iowa 2012 Video Series that starts tomorrow. This three-week series presents one speaker video per day. Thinc Iowa featured a diverse mix of speakers, from the co-founder of one the nation’s most storied internet startups …

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