See you at The Combine, September 9-12

Though we're a little late in announcing, we're very excited to be heading to Indiana next week for The Combine. Jeff and I will be making the trip to Bloomington, Indiana for…

Though we’re a little late in announcing, we’re very excited to be heading to Indiana next week for The Combine. Jeff and I will be making the trip to Bloomington, Indiana for this first-ever event which celebrates many of the things that we talk about on a regular basis:

This four day event from September 9-12 brings together movers and shakers in creativity, community, culture, capital and code from all over the country. It provides a unique opportunity to learn, network and be inspired by some of the nation’s top experts in internet marketing, product development, revenue generation, content creation and entrepreneurship.

We’re huge fans of anything geared towards spurring entrepreneurship in places outside of your typical startup hubs, especially in the Midwest. Two of The Combine’s organizers, Mike Trotzke and Brad Wisler have been huge supporters of Big Omaha from the very beginning and they are doing amazing things with the startup culture in their home state of Indiana.

It’s no secret that I think that regional events such as Big Omaha, The Combine and others play a huge and significant role in helping to shape startup cultures in lesser-known areas. As we’ve witnessed first-hand, the bringing together of a region’s smart, innovative and creative people and providing them with inspiration and connections can kickstart a community and provide great awareness. I believe it to be a critical and vital component of a healthy, vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Enough rambling, I highly encourage you to check out The Combine. Jeff and I will be there, ready to soak it all in and learn from our friends in Bloomington. 

What: The Combine 2010

Where: Bloomington, Indiana

When: September 9-12, 2010

Tickets: Get your tickets now for $199

If you’re interested in going (and you should!), we have a 15% discount available for friends of Silicon Prairie News and Big Omaha. When registering (, just use the code BIG15. Hope to see you there!

Here is The Combine’s list of speakers:


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