Dwolla launches reddit Donate to drive charitable donations

Dwolla today announced a new initiative to drive donations to charitable causes from users of social news site reddit. reddit Donate allows the moderators of reddit’s category …

Dwolla today announced a new initiative to drive donations to charitable causes from users of social news site reddit.

reddit Donate allows the moderators of reddit’s category-specific sub-pages, known as subreddits, to create campaigns for nonprofits of their choice and embed a “donate now” button into their subreddit’s side panel.

Dwolla, a Des Moines-based online payments startup, will facilitate payments for users of its platform. Stripe, a payments startup out of San Francisco, will process payments from donors that wish to use cards.

reddit Donate was created as a side project by a handful of reddit moderators at Dwolla, in partnership with Stripe. In a blog post published this morning, Dwolla communications director Jordan Lampe explained the impetus for the project:

Despite its extremes, the (reddit) community parodies and exposes the world as something far simpler than I think we’re comfortable in believing: we have one rock, and we all live on it.

That kind of clarity has allowed its community to use the internet in spectacular fashion and it’s what inspired our newest experiment, reddit Donate.

The effort’s charitable partners, Lampe says, are among “the world’s most progressive nonprofits.” The list features several organizations familiar to followers of Big Omaha, including charity: water, Donors Choose and F**k Cancer.


Credits: Image from blog.dwolla.com

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