ISU student builds Chrome extension to tip Medium writers via Dwolla

Iowa State University student Brett Neese last week wrote a post for story-sharing platform Medium, unveiling …

Iowa State University student Brett Neese last week wrote a post for story-sharing platform Medium, unveiling the Chrome extension he built that allows readers to tip the site’s writers via Dwolla. The service functions through readers’ Dwolla accounts—attached to #Dwolla, Dwolla’s feature to send money via Twitter—and Neese’s extension. For transactions less than $10, which would likely include most tips, Dwolla doesn’t charge its usual 25-cent transaction fee.

Neese’s hack caught the attention of Medium editor Evan Hansen:

Medium in April noted that it pays some contributors, a step on its way to build a sustainable business that provides writers rewards. In his post, Neese wrote he’s “more than willing to pay for high-quality work, but up to this point micropayment systems have involved a lot of overhead.” It sounds like they’re on the same page.


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