Big Omaha Spotlight: Bailey Hemphill, Omaha

As we blaze through Big Omaha week, we wanted to give you a glimpse into the minds and experience of Big Omaha attendees. Throughout Thursday and Friday, look out for these spotlights to learn more about who is attending Big Omaha this year.

Name: Bailey Hemphill

Company: B2 Interactive

Twitter: @bailsofhemp

City: Omaha

What brought you to Big Omaha?

Business and awesomeness! I want to spread more awareness about our business, find some potential new hires and basically just network in the industry.

What are you most excited for?

Honestly? Snacks. But I love the live tweeting from people watching the same speakers I am. Getting their opinions.

What do you hope to take away?

The main one so far is ways to improve work culture. A lot of the speakers have touched on leadership and team building. We’re still relatively new, and culture is what we’re always trying to improve on. I mean, we’re already awesome, but there’s always room to build.


Credits: Photo by Rhett Muller.


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