Prairie Portrait: Kelsey Scofield of FUSE Coworking

Something most people don’t know about me: I’ve face painted for seven years. I still do it occasionally and I still love it. The best part is when you see a kid absolutely glowing after transforming their dreams of being Spider-Man into a reality.

Prairie Portraits is a weekly set of questions intended to help the community get to know someone from the Silicon Prairie startup scene a little bit better. Prairie Portraits feature a fixed set of questions ranging from career background and personal preferences to, perhaps, off-the-wall questions on YouTube videos and entrance music.

Name: Kelsey Scofield
Title/Occupation: (Newly hired) Executive Director at FUSE Coworking and Freelancer
Age: 22
Hometown: Lincoln, Neb.
Current city: Lincoln, Neb.
Twitter: @KelseySlowfield


Title of my autobiography: “You’re supposed to look before you cross the street?”
Thing I can’t live without: Weird people. Without the weirdos in the world, life just wouldn’t be as interesting. 
Drink of choice: Is salsa considered a beverage? Probably not, but I practically drink that stuff.
Last book I read: The Innovators DNA
Ultimate road trip snack: Twizzlers (But the pull n’ peel kind…none of that regular stuff)
Entrance song if I was a wrestler: Circle of Life” from the Lion King
Celebrity doppelgänger: No celebrity, but I swear I have one in Lincoln. Multiple times people tell me they see me walking around when I am clearly chilling in mi casa.  
Guilty pleasure band and/or film: S Club 7….ain’t no party like an S Club party. #90skid
Chosen career in an alternate reality: Marine Biologist. Water rocks and sea creatures are the coolest. 
Worst OCD tendency: Tipping the waitress/waiter so the total bill is an even number. 
Quote I might have said: “I can jam it” or “I can stiplify that.” Basically anything with made up words or messed up phrases.  
Which actor or actress, and why: Rebel Wilson, because she raps about cats with Ellen Degeneres.
Favorite YouTube video: Anything on the Ellen Show i.e. Bic Pens for Women.


Best place in Lincoln no one knows about: The bike trails. 
Lincoln’s obligatory tourist stop: : If they come on a First Friday, the Tugboat gallery above Duffy’s Tavern downtown.
One thing Lincoln has that other Silicon Prairie cities don’t: A statue of a fat man you can sit and contemplate life with over your lunch break.
Best thing going for Lincoln’s startup community: The amount of support people have for each other. Seriously the people here rock. I can’t tell you how many times I see people offering to help others achieve their goals.
Last local restaurant I ate at: Sips & Subs
Best meal I’ve had in Lincoln: Papusas at El Rancho. If you haven’t tried them, you are seriously missing out.
Lincoln would be better if… it had a taco stand on every corner.

The Startup Scene

Social media pet peeve: When people post before and after workout pictures. Yeah, your ripped…I’m not. Moving on.
App I’m obsessed with: : The Clock. Lol. Mainly for the world clock feature so I can see what time it is in other countries. I could do the math, but why?
Silicon Prairie startup crush: Deb Payne. She’s the bomb diggity.
Most comfortable startup T-shirt I own: My FUSE tee. So far it’s the only one I have. This is clearly something I need to change. 
Something most people don’t know about me: I’ve face painted for seven years. I still do it occasionally and I still love it. The best part is when you see a kid absolutely glowing after transforming their dreams of being Spider-Man into a reality.
Entrepreneur I most want to grab a drink with: Stefan Sagmeister (some really cool design guy)
I do what I do because… I believe in people and I believe in ideas.
Before I was in startups… I was schooling at UNL.
If money wasn’t an object, my next company would be… To travel the world and collect stories of the potential individuals hold. Some people can’t see it, but that’s where I come in. I’ll see it and share it.
The Silicon Prairie startup scene is missing… Free plane rides from city to city to see what other Silicon Prairie startup scenes are like.
In five years, I’ll… be in Lincoln? In New Zealand? In Brazil? In India? Not sure. I don’t plan things like that. But, I will be somewhere creating something.
In five years, the Silicon Prairie… will have a show on Bravo called “The Real Entrepreneurs of the Silicon Prairie.”


Credits: Photo courtesy of Scofield.


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