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Here’s a look at the most read stories published on SPN in 2023. Check it out and see if your favorite story made the list.

Omaha-based startup Workshop on a company retreat in Las Vegas.
Omaha-based startup Workshop on a company retreat in Las Vegas.

SPN covered a lot of ground in 2023 as we dove into Nebraska’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem. Founder profiles, award and funding announcements, feature stories and guest posts were among the most-read content SPN published in 2023. Below is a list of the 11 most popular stories from last year starting with the earliest publication date to the most recent. Enjoy!

Behind the scenes: startup life in Nebraska

What’s it really like to work for a startup in Nebraska? We talked to a startup advisor, a recent college grad, a director of software engineering and a former startup employee to find out. Collectively the group has more than 20 years of experience working in startups in roles ranging from entry level to executive.

This Omaha designer is 3D printing the future of eyewear

Omaha-based Alan Tipp was one of SPN’s first interviews way back in 2009 when he was designing performance eyewear for Under Armour. Since then he’s accumulated dozens of patents and launched an innovation consultancy to help other inventors turn their ideas into retail-ready products.

Nebraska startup Geokey closes $2M seed round

In May Geokey closed a $2M round of seed funding that the company will use to expand its mobile access control platform to more apartment complexes around the U.S. over the next 18 months.

Move VC: Writing the first check for Nebraska founders

Early stage founders in Nebraska have a new resource for funding and education with the launch of MOVE Venture Capital in January 2023. SPN recently connected with managing partner Charlie Cuddy to learn more about the firm, its progress since launching in January and MOVE’s plans for the future.

This AgTech startup invented a robot to eliminate one deadly hazard from farming

Grain Weevil was named the 2022 NBDC Innovation Business of the Year in recognition of their efforts to eliminate grain bin deaths through the invention of an autonomous robot. The Grain Weevil robot is currently undergoing trials in grain bins in four states as part of its safety certification.

Two Nebraska startups take home top industry awards

Maxwell and Entry Envy both earned top honors in their respective industries at international conferences in June. Meet the founders and learn more about their road to recognition.

A “Superb” solution to nursing home staffing woes

Low wages and high burnout rates make it difficult for senior care facilities to attract and retain staff. An Omaha CNA-turned-healthcare administrator-turned startup founder realized an opportunity to address these challenges.

A sweet homecoming for Nebraska food scientist-turned-candymaker

After years as a food scientist for candy companies Hershey’s and Ferrara, Nebraska-native Tessa Porter returned home to start the state’s only candy supplier: Sprinkk. Now, Porter works with clients to develop formulas for candies and find accessible places to manufacture.

Three lessons learned after three years & $3.4M invested

NMotion Managing Principal Scott Henderson reflects on investing more than $3M in Nebraska startups over the last three years.

Omaha companies navigate hybrid work and invest in upgrading office spaces

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how and where Nebraskans work. Omaha companies are exploring ways to make their physical workspaces more appealing in a hybrid work environment.

Thank You Neverland

An open letter to the Nebraska startup community from Swishboom founder Kellee Mikuls reflecting on her decision to close her startup.


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