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Posts by Laura Neesen

Lincoln’s Powderhook game-changing for outdoor aficionados

Eric Dinger, enthusiastic entrepreneur and outdoorsman, sought to solve a problem he personally faced – finding enough time to pursue his fondness for hunting and fishing. He discovered that many others in his community of outdoor enthusiasts experience the same problem. He also found another problem compounding the lack of time – that is, the…

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Interview with Dusty Davidson: Flywheel’s first days forward

SPN recently caught up with Dusty Davidson, co-founder of Flywheel, to reflect on the evolution of the company, and how far it has come from the days of its founding to its recent acquisition. It can reasonably be said that strong, scalable companies that survive are those built on firm foundations. From the right team…

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Higher Learning Technologies helps test-takers ace the exam

Higher Learning Technologies (HLT) is helping healthcare students learn efficiently and is providing practitioners a platform to master clinical competence. The company is based in Coralville, Iowa, and was founded in 2012. The company provides a mobile and online learning tool for exam preparation and quick and easy clinical reference.  The platform offers engaging study…

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Rezilient enables doctors to perform physical exams over the Internet

While some senior living providers have adopted technologies such as telehealth (i.e. Skype for medical appointments), these platforms are limited in what a doctor can diagnose through the platform.  Rezilient is aiming to solve these problems by building technology that extends telehealth beyond just communication, enabling doctors to deliver comprehensive, convenient, and high-quality care to residents where they live.

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North Bend-based CropMetrics optimizes irrigation with sensors, science, and service

CropMetrics is giving growers greater insights in their irrigation practices with its precision irrigation management software platform and service offering. Unpredictability is an enduring facet of agriculture; from wind and rain to sun and soil, farmers must be masters at managing the countless variable conditions that affect their business. CropMetrics is innovating a technology solution…

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