Change is now available for “anyone who wants to ditch their cash register and live a simpler life,” according to the app’s website.

Created by Des Moines mobile app firm BitMethod, Change is a restaurant and retail management system with an iPad-based point of sale. A few months ago, we wrote about the app’s launch into private beta at a local coffee shop, the kind of client it aims …

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A new app released last month by a team from Lincoln is out to make the lives of software developers easier.

Gitpilot, created by JP Richardson (far left) and Corey Collins (near left), facilitates collaboration between developers working on the same project and helps them maintain different versions of the software they’re working on.

The app also provides visibility for software developer teams …

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What started for Patrick Stoddart as an idea to make extracurricular groups more functional when he was in high school in Lee’s Summit, Mo. has turned into a full-blown startup.

At 16, Stoddart founded RED by Revdel, a web-based application that allows large organizations to communicate with and engage their members. Now 20, Stoddart launched the beta of RED (which stands for real-time events delivered) 2.0 this week for one of his clients.
When most people think of notification and communication software used by school districts, they think of snow day and school lockdown alerts. But that’s not what RED is used for, Stoddart said. …

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A coworking space opened in April aims to serve as a hub for those looking to get out of basements and coffee shops in and around west Omaha.

After several months of operation, CoVis Coworking, located near 107th Avenue and Pacific Street, currently serves five full-time occupants and one part-time occupant, not including community manager …

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In just three years, an idea for a social media management tool has morphed into a company that helps businesses monitor and manage the risks of social media accounts.

Overland Park, Kan.-based SocialVolt now has more than 300 clients, most which are businesses within regulated industries, such as financial firms.

“Our job is to help companies do social in a way that …

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