Big Omaha

Big Omaha furniture partner Hutch moving into bigger space to do more

By SPN Team / July 24, 2014

As Nick Huff likes to tell it, he’s most comfortable in motion. It’s a good thing, too. The co-founder of Hutch has had to move a lot of furniture as of late.

From a two-car garage, to the nethermost depths of the Old Market, to a small storefront in Midtown Crossing, Huff and his business partner, Brandon Beed, have gone from hobbyists to full-blown furniture retailers in less than a year.

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Ellen Gustafson delivers a passionate, salty talk on sustainable food systems

By SPN Team / July 23, 2014

The salty vocabulary of prodigiously successful, serial social entrepreneur Ellen Gustafson added extra passion to the closing speech at Big Omaha. Gustafson describes herself as a “sustainable food system activist, author, innovator and social entrepreneur.” She co-founded FEED Projects, is the co-founder of Food Tank: The Food Think Tank and a number of other businesses related to changing food systems. She’s also the author of an upcoming book called “We the Eaters.”

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Kevin Rose talks stress, storytelling and living publicly at Big Omaha

By SPN Team / July 21, 2014

Kevin Rose has made innumerable entrepreneurial leaps in the tech industry throughout the years, first as the founder of Digg and today as a general partner at Google Ventures where he focuses on early-stage and seed investments. Big Omaha emcee Antonio Neves sat down with Rose to chat about meditation, past successes and the tension rising out of Silicon Valley.

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Evan Williams: Invaluable insight from 20 years of experience

By SPN Team / July 16, 2014

A native of Clarks, Neb., Evan Williams’ founding of Blogger, Twitter and Medium has significantly impacted the way we share our stories online. In 45 minutes, Williams shares much of the insight he’s gained from more than two decades of experience. Take a seat, grab a coffee and soak in all in. This isn’t one to miss.

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Big Omaha speakers share insight in Kauffman Founders School videos

By SPN Team / July 15, 2014

It’s been more than two months since Big Omaha, but the lessons and experiences shared by the speakers aren’t losing their value any time soon. We’re still digesting everything they had to say on stage, but Kauffman Founders School took it a step further. They sat down with several of the speakers off stage to expound on those experiences for the online educational resource’s new Founder Genius section.

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Alexis Tryon says your idea sucks and you should build it anyway

By SPN Team / July 11, 2014

“Your idea sucks. It’s probably really bad.” These are the words of encouragement Alexis Tryon, co-founder of Artsicle, chose to share with to the Big Omaha crowd at KANEKO this year. “If it’s anything like mine,” she continued, “it’s probably terrible. And if you’re lucky, someone is willing to pay for it.”

Not to worry – Tryon thinks you should do it anyway.

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Darya Rose’s tips for healthier eating that even the busiest people can follow

By SPN Team / July 9, 2014

It might not seem like a tech conference is the prime location for a speaker focused on healthy living, but Darya Rose, author of the blog Summer Tomato and the critically acclaimed “Foodist,” fit right in at Big Omaha.

Rose, who also has a Ph.D. in neuroscience, shared three tips for healthier living that even the busiest people can make time for: eat real food, get physical exersice and make habits rewarding.

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