Impact of COVID-19: Be a Conscious, Local Consumer and Supporter

By SPN Newsroom / March 13, 2020

This is a guest post by Maria Brady. In light of recent cancellations, the Omaha economy faces a period of uncertainty. The economic downturn will impact businesses, workers, families and individuals in various ways—and to differing degrees.  We must remember that little steps can go a long way. While we should limit non-essential social contact…

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Highlights from the Commonwealth Podcast, 11.4.19 – featuring David Graff and John Wirtz

By Tom McCauley / November 6, 2019

The Commonwealth Podcast features artists, entrepreneurs and athletes to uncover their approach to leading disruptive change. Host Nick Castner provided this episode recap to Silicon Prairie News. Listen on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, or Buzzsprout. This week, David Graff and John Wirtz, two of the founders of Hudl, sat down with The Commonwealth Podcast to discuss…

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Lincoln Startup Week

By SPN Newsroom / October 22, 2019

Guest Post: Christina Oldfather, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development Techstars Lincoln Startup Week, a week to celebrate, engage, and connect the entrepreneurial community, is back October 18th– 25th for its eighth year! The week successfully kicked off Friday night with a masquerade martini competition at Turbine Flats. Whether…

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Ben McDougal: Watching my first Techstars Demo Day in Boulder

By SPN Newsroom / October 31, 2014

(Guest post by Ben McDougal) Fresh off the Rise of the Rest event in Des Moines, my alarm clock buzzed at 4:05 a.m. and it was time to go. With a single backpack and the clothes on my back, I arrived in Colorado as the sunrise splashed against the mountains. After a short ride, plenty of #TSDemoDay activity on Twitter, and a stop by a hot coffee shop for local entrepreneurs called Ozo Coffee, I found my way to where the Bawte team had been living during the three-month Techstars program.

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John Jackovin: A time to reflect

By SPN Newsroom / October 6, 2014

(Guest post by John Jackovin) Less than a week before this Techstars experience comes to an end.

This was the post I was most excited to write when I began the Techstars program. The post right before Demo Day. The post before I can get back to “normal” life. The post before I get to see my wife and kids for more than a few days per month.

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John Jackovin: I should be memorizing right now

By SPN Newsroom / September 29, 2014

(Guest post by John Jackovin) With less than two weeks until demo day I have to do something I am pretty bad at…memorization.

My brain works a certain way, I guess all brains work a certain way, duh. Better put, my brain works in a way that makes it difficult for me to memorize words that I see and read.

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How Rocket Referrals’ Carl Maerz wrote an e-book to generate leads

By SPN Newsroom / September 24, 2014

(Guest post by Carl Maerz) For those of you not local to Des Moines, chances are you have never heard of Rocket Referrals. We are a tech startup founded by me and my brother, Torey. Known in the entrepreneur community as “bro-founders” we share the same blood, but have much different skill sets.

You know, Torey would always tell me that there are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary and those who don’t. I guess he was right. I mean, the closest I have ever gotten to zeros and ones was in ‘99, sitting front row at the premiere of The Matrix.

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John Jackovin: It’s OK to cry

By SPN Newsroom / September 22, 2014

(Guest post by John Jackovin) I could write about a lot of things this week. I could write about the trip I took to San Francisco. I could write about the awesome meeting I had with this really inspirational connector/investor from the Valley. I could write about how awesome it was to spend a day in San Franciso with the Dwolla team. I could write about a fantastic meeting I had with one of the largest retailers on the planet. I could write about all of those things, but I won’t…

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John Jackovin: Home, San Francisco, three weeks and done

By SPN Newsroom / September 16, 2014

(Guest post by John Jackovin) After nine weeks of Techstars the end is very near and we have our work cut out for us. I am writing this from my kitchen table in Des Moines, Iowa, not from my rented kitchen table in Boulder, Colorado. I flew back late Wednesday and got to spend the last four days with my family in Iowa…

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