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NewBoCo’s QuickScore simplifies grading for K-12 teachers

By Chris Hegarty / September 13, 2016

Despite the digital classroom revolution, many teachers still keep track of students’ grades by pencil and paper. The Cedar Rapids collaborative NewBoCo, which operates the Iowa Startup Accelerator, is looking to improve the process for schools with a new plugin, QuickScore. Six teams were chosen for the Iowa Startup Accelerator this year, but QuickScore wasn’t one of them. QuickScore…

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Fremont’s Sycamore Education serves schools worldwide

By SPN Team / August 19, 2016

Sycamore Education’s first line of code was written in 1991. “We started really small,” said Glen Ellis, founder and CEO, Sycamore Education. “I was the coder, and my wife was the salesman.” Ellis said that originally, the small team never had a plan so they ended up just doing it, a way that Ellis seems…

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Coding & Cupcakes connects KC moms, daughters with programming

By SPN Team / July 21, 2014

You might not find cupcakes at your typical user group meeting or hackathon, but at Kansas City Women in Technology’s next event, the sweet treat will be the attendee’s “coding fuel.”

KCWiT invites KC-area mothers and their daughters to join them for Coding & Cupcakes, a three-hour event to teach coding and website building.

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ActiveGrade founders create new education startup Pear Deck

By SPN Team / March 3, 2014

With increasingly fast Internet speeds and a growing ability for real-time interactions, innovations in technology are changing the game in traditional education.

Now Iowa City, Iowa-based startup Pear Deck is harnessing that technology to help teachers better engage with their students.

“What makes it really exciting is that one of the problems for any teacher, especially as class sizes continue to grow, is how you engage all students in a lesson,” Michal Eynon-Lynch told Silicon Prairie News …

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