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Our 10 favorite Iowa startup stories of 2016

By SPN Team / December 7, 2016

Silicon Prairie News covers the tech startup scene across Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. Here are our most popular stories from Iowa this year: 1. Why Dwolla made its transactions free (and what happened next) (Des Moines) In June we sat down with Jordan Lampe, Director of Communications and Policy at Dwolla, to discuss the company’s move away from…

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Base 3 features talks on technology, community and going viral

By SPN Team / November 11, 2016

Candy canes, cotton candy and gumballs lined the walls of the Ho-Chunk Centre in Sioux City, Iowa as a crowd of entrepreneurs, business owners and other community members gathered for the sixth annual Base 3 event Thursday. After a candy-themed Biz Brew happy hour filled with craft cocktails and snacks, three speakers took the stage…

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Sioux City’s Base 3 event returns November 10

By SPN Team / November 4, 2016

Sioux City’s premiere startup event Base 3 will be returning on November 10th at the Ho Chunk Centre. The speakers include Iowa filmmaker Scott Siepker, Caleb Ullfers of Flywheel and Brian C. Waller from the Technology Association of Iowa. SPN caught with the event’s organizers, Ryan Martinez and Sean Richardson of Flyover Technology, over email. SPN: How…

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DriveOff wins Startup Weekend Omaha

By SPN Team / September 28, 2016

DriveOff was the winning team at this year’s Startup Weekend Omaha, held last weekend Sept. 23-25. The startup competition included around 70 participants, mostly college students from University of Nebraska Omaha, Creighton University and University of South Dakota. The event was held at UNO’s College of Business Administration in Mammel Hall. The event’s signature sponsor…

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A Multi-Local Manifesto

By SPN Team / July 13, 2016

I recently decided to move from Sioux Falls to Omaha. The decision was made rather quickly and executed within a month. When I announced the move to my adopted Sioux Falls community I was greeted with great support and encouragement, mingled with some disappointment. I reassured my community that this was not a goodbye, just…

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Why ScoreVision could be the next Hudl

By SPN Team / June 2, 2016

The Omaha-based company gives high school and small college sports fans the Jumbotron experience. But it’s their cloud platform that’s really exciting. Veteran entrepreneurs Gordon Whitten, David Sutter, and Chad Bokowski founded ScoreVision in 2015 when they decided to tackle the problem of outdated scoreboards in high schools and colleges. “As an entrepreneur, you go where there’s an…

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MyRacePass moves to Lincoln to make waves across the country

By SPN Team / January 28, 2016

For Josh Holt, Zach Calmus, and Ross Vaneck, the founders of MyRacePass, the go-to social network for all things racing, you won’t find any family ties to Lincoln, Nebraska. There wasn’t a friendly couch in town to sleep on until they found their feet. Yet the group decided to pick up their company from South…

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Sioux City’s Base 3 is back! QA with Ryan Martinez and Sean Richardson

By SPN Team / January 21, 2016

On January 28th Sioux City’s premiere startup event Base 3 will return to showcase 3 new speakers, 5 local startups and 2 craft breweries. SPN caught up with Base 3’s organizers, Ryan Martinez and Sean Richardson of Flyover Technology, over Skype. SPN: What was the response like to Base 3 last July? RM: It was good all around.…

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Virtual Incision secures $11.2 million, led by Bluestem Capital

By Rod Armstrong / August 12, 2015

A startup company built from collaborative research efforts at two University of Nebraska campuses has announced it has secured $11.2 million in equity financing. Virtual Incision Corporation received the investment, led by Bluestem Capital of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, with support from existing investors including PrairieGold Venture Partners, also of Sioux Falls. Virtual Incision has…

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Sioux City’s startup community has no illusions

By SPN Team / July 22, 2015

The working class city on the Missouri River has a history with tech innovation—a history it hopes to transcend. At Base 3, Sioux City’s annual entrepreneurship event, a microbrewer passes out samples of hibiscus beer while live local musicians play in the background. Sioux City’s young, creative and ambitious mingle around the century-old, exposed red brick…

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