St. Louis and Missouri

Prairie Moves: Google Fiber to crossover to Missouri this spring

By SPN Team / February 7, 2013

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“Kansas Reminders, and our First Missouri Deadlines” – After installing Google Fiber in some parts of Kansas City, Kan., Google announced it would begin installation of its gigabit internet in Kansas City, Mo. this spring.

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“If you’ve never worked together before hand, I would say think twice.” – Bulu Box co-founder Stephanie Jarrett reflected …

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Internet 2012 Bus Tour to make four stops in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri

By SPN Newsroom / September 19, 2012

Reddit last week announced the itinerary for its Internet 2012 Bus Tour, an eight-day, seven-stop, campaign-style bus tour advocating for the Open Internet. From Oct. 5-8, the bus will make four stops in the Silicon Prairie region, partnering with local supporters for events in Lincoln, Des Moines, Iowa City and Kansas City.

“The Internet 2012 Bus will collect and share stories from Americans throughout the heartland, because this isn’t just about Silicon Valley,” reddit co-founder and Open Internet advocate Alexis Ohanian said in a promotional video for the tour. “It’s about parents taking Skillshare classes on blogging in Boulder, TED Meetups in Omaha …

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At TechStars Patriot Boot Camp, Missouri vet preps Picsure launch

By SPN Newsroom / July 19, 2012

Over the next two days in Washington D.C., Terry Roberts has one goal: build relationships with the staff, mentors and alumni of TechStars, the Boulder, Colo.-based startup accelerator.

Roberts, a Columbia, Mo. native and a former active-duty Marine, is part of the accelerator’s first Patriot Boot Camp, a “TechStars-like” experience that began Wednesday.

“I know it’s only three days,” Roberts said in a phone interview earlier this month …

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Meet the CoMo community. A startup tour of Columbia, Missouri

By SPN Team / January 31, 2012

I love Columbia, Mo. It’s vibrant and artsy. It’s highly educated. It’s full of opportunity and has the No. 4 ranked basketball team in the country (sorry … couldn’t resist). A few months ago, the community inspired me to write an article, “5 Advantages Of Small Town Entrepreneurial Living,” about why I choose to live in the Midwest and make Columbia …

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Newsy finds fertile ground growing multi-source news in Missouri

By Michael Stacy / July 12, 2011

Telling the story of his move from northern California to middle Missouri, Jim Spencer peppers in a couple of punch lines that have become well-polished with use. In 2008, Spencer relocated from San Francisco to Columbia, Mo. to start Newsy, a provider of multi-platform, multi-source video news analysis.

“I explained to the folks in northern California,” said Spencer, “that really the two main …

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