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  • Hudl announces $72.5M raise, led by Accel and Nelnet [Updated]

    Hudl announces $72.5M raise, led by Accel and Nelnet [Updated]

    They previously raised a $3 million angel seed round in 2008.

  • Hudl gifts $500K to UNL Raikes School for annual scholarships

    Hudl gifts $500K to UNL Raikes School for annual scholarships

    LINCOLN—Hudl continues to invest in its backyard. After recently opening its new Omaha office—to pair with its Lincoln headquarters—the sports video company has gifted $500,000 to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s Raikes School of Computer Science and Management.

  • An inside look at Hudl’s Omaha office, where astroturf acts as wallpaper

    An inside look at Hudl’s Omaha office, where astroturf acts as wallpaper

    There’s still doors to add to meeting rooms and boxes of 60-inch TVs on the ground waiting to be put up, but Hudl Omaha is open for business.

  • Hudl acquires London video company, jumps into European soccer

    Hudl, the sports video software company operating out of Lincoln, has made its third acquisition by purchasing Replay Analysis, a London company focusing on web-based software for soccer and rugby teams.

  • What David Graff learned scaling the Hudl team from 3 to 170

    (Guest post by David Graff) “As the company grows, this change can be hard for some of your early associates. The company that person first signed up for may not the company they work for now and may not be the type of company they want to work for. As a result, you’ll lose people…

  • Hudl CEO David Graff added to Nelnet Board of Directors

    David Graff, the 31-year-old co-founder and CEO of Hudl, has been added to the board of directors of the Lincoln-based student loan management company, Nelnet. Nelnet CEO Jeff Noordhoek told the Lincoln Journal Star that he wanted a younger presence on the board and Graff’s tech background also was desirable. “He’s young for a public company…

  • Hudl opening Omaha office, hopes to hire 43 for product team

    Hudl is opening an Omaha office. The Lincoln-based sports tech company will occupy the old Nomad Lounge, 1013 Jones St., near the Old Market starting in August. They also hope to hire 43 new employees for the product team…

  • Offer benefits that make you stand out

    (Guest post by David Graff.) When we started Hudl in May 2006, we felt strongly that having the right benefits in place was going to be key for helping us build the right workplace environment and making Hudl a place our employees would brag about to their friends and family. Even though my two cofounders…

  • Hudl CEO Graff offers insight into company’s continued growth

    Hudl’s rapid growth hasn’t come without a little collateral damage. Like that second-story landing at Hudl’s office in Lincoln. The spot has been a popular place for employees to play basketball, but it won’t be for much longer. “Unfortunately, it’s probably going to end our summer basketball league as they tear that building down and…

  • Hudl acquires APEX, solidifies spot atop sports video analysis market

    The high school sports offseason is, it appears, prime shopping season for Hudl. For the second offseason in a row — and the second time inside a calendar year — Hudl has purchased its largest competitor. The Lincoln company, which makes web-based video analysis and coaching tools for sports teams, today announced it has acquired…