ABPathfinder recently closed a $400,000 investment round thanks to Omaha-based Dundee Venture Capital, CEO Jeff Blackwood said.

The Overland Park, Kan.-based startup, which aids therapists of children with autism in creating therapy plans via specialized software, raised $270,000 from Dundee in November. In May, as part of the same round, it secured $130,000 from Watson Technology Group …

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Nearly a decade ago, Matt Watson was asked by a friend to be the first blogger of Geeks With Blogs, a site that aimed to provide developers a free and open blogging platform.

Watson’s friend, Jeff Julian, created Geeks With Blogs after being booted from a similar site following a disagreement with another blogger.

Today, the site touts more than 3,500 bloggers, an average of 500 posts …

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A passion for problem-solving has led Matt Watson to launch Stackify, a software startup that aims to make troubleshooting and support easier for software developers.

“I love to build things and I love to solve problems.” Watson said. “I like to help users solve their problems and make their lives easier. For some reason it is just fun for me.”
Watson, a long-time Kansas City, Mo. resident, launched Stackify in January to solve the frustrations developers …

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