Highlight Midwest is here!



It’s finally here!

As many of you know, a number of us from Omaha are involved with a conference in Kansas City this week called Highlight Midwest

The goal of the conference is to “highlight” or showcase the interesting/exciting things that are going on in KC, Des Moines & Omaha regarding technology, entrepreneurship, innovation and social media.

There will be presentations from each of the cities, as well as a panel discussion. From the greater Omaha area, Dusty Davidson, Jeff Slobotski and Matt Secoske will be presenting.  The presentation will focus on Silicon Prairie News, and how it’s being used to build community and bring entrepreneurs out of the woodwork, or silos as we commonly reference.

Silicon Prairie News wants to invite you to join us online and watch LIVE on Wednesday (10/29) from 5pm-8pm. We’re thrilled to showcase the exciting things happening in Omaha, and would love for you to join us while we present at the Kauffman Center.  Our goal is to get over 100 people watching online Wednesday evening so help us spread the word!

You can watch live here…


For more information about the conference, please visit: http://highlightmidwest.org

New Heights for Flyover States

October 29, 2008 from 5:00pm – 8:00pm at the Kauffman Center of Kansas City

A reception showcasing the entrepreneurs, innovators, and early-adopters using web technology to grow their businesses, advance their careers, and enrich the regional economy in new ways:

  1. Three of the area’s up and coming social media strategists will present an overview on how the web is changing their cities for the better and how new opportunities for innovation are expanding the importance of web-based technology in the Midwest.
  2. A wrap-up panel: Where do we go from here? After a day filled with all the cool individual things that are occurring in Des Moines, Kansas City, Omaha, and the surrounding areas, we’ll discuss actionable items along the lines of “What now?”.


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