Creative Capital Pitch Session – $1000 Prize!


On February 12th, your most innovative and creative idea could earn you a quick $1000!

Invest Nebraska, Silicon Prairie News and Nomad Lounge have partnered to bring our state’s most creative ideas together for 2009’s first Creative Capital Pitch Session!

Nebraska is full of creative designers and innovative entrepreneurs. Now is the time to highlight what we have! Now is your time to have others recognize the new ideas you have!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there really a $1000 prize?! Whats the catch?

The winner on February 12th will most definitely walk away with a cool $1000. Probably not one of those huge cardboard checks, but $1000 nonetheless. There are no strings attached, though you won’t be eligible for future Invest Nebraska pitch competitions.

What is the deadline?

All videos have to be uploaded by February 10th!

How do I submit a video?

You simply need to shoot a 60 video clip of yourself talking up your idea. Then upload that video to Youtube. Once that is complete, simply fill out the entry form, and thats it! We will post all of the video submissions, and will notify the top 10 entries one week prior to the event.

Whats the format for the “Live” event on February 12th?

The top 10 videos submitted to the SPN site will present their idea LIVE at Nomad Lounge on February 12th starting @ 7:30pm. Each presenter will get 5 minutes to further explain their business or idea. The audience will vote on who’s idea they think is the best, and the winner will be awarded the $1000 prize.

What types of ideas are valid?

The best ideas will be those that have a potential business model, and those ideas which are truly innovative. This could be a fancy new web-application, a better mousetrap, or anything in between. In the 60 second video, simply WOW us with your passion for the idea. In the 5 minute pitch, give us a sense for the potential market, its viability, why its innovative, and why you’re excited about the concept.

What are you waiting for? The $1000 prize could be yours. Submit your video today!


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