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Xconomy interviews Jeff Raikes about Agile Sports

http://www.hudl.com/Seattle business and technology website Xconomy has an interesting interview with Jeff Raikes of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Raikes is originally from Nebraska, and spent many years at Microsoft before moving on to head up the worlds largest philanthropic organization. Xconomy interviewed him regarding his role as investor and advisor to Lincoln, NE based Agile Sports.

“Jeff Raikes helped form the vision of Agile, and he’s a member of our board,” says David Graff, Agile’s co-founder and CEO. “Raikes’s passions are technology and Husker football.”

Raikes was also involved in the creation of the Raikes Program at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln

Jeff Raikes: In the late 1990s, I proposed the ideas for what became the Raikes School [of Computer Science and Management] at the University of Nebraska. One of the key principles was for the students to get involved in “design studio projects” that would give them real-world experience; work on projects at the intersection of computer science and business with real business customers. I had always wanted at least one of these projects oriented to helping the Cornhusker football team.

Its a great read about one of Nebraska’s leading technology and software companies… Read the full interview over at Xconomy.com

The following video is courtesy the Raikes School at UNL

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For more information on Agile Sports and Hudl, here’s a great video or check out their website…

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