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Guest Post: Interview with Brian Solis, author of “Putting the Public back in Public Relations”

Updated title of post on 9/22 at 1:07 p.m.

Last Thursday, Brian Solis, principal at FutureWorks and founder of the Social Media Club organization, spoke to the Greater Kansas City’s PRSA chapter about “The State of Social Media.” KC video blogger, Ramsey Mohsen, attended the event and grabbed an interview with Solis after it. He’s given us permission to repost his writeup and video.

There’s been some great events on The Prairie lately — and many more to come in the near future — and although we don’t cover them all, we’re fortunate to have guest contributors like Ramsey help us out.

0709_ramseymohsenprofilepicThis is a guest post written by Ramsey Mohsen, a web consultant and video blogger for the e-consultancy Digital Evolution Group in Overland Park, KS. He posts his tech news opinion regularly on his blog ramseymohsen.com.


Originally published Friday, September 18th

This week, I attended a presentation given by Brian Solis, a thought leader in the social media space (principal at FutureWorks). While his presentation was introduced as “an updated look at trends and ethics within the PR profession”, a large portion of his presentation focused on the ability to find niche influencers online and “inspire action and measure it”. It was interesting seeing some of his data, considering he’s in the agency trenches doing social media for major brands and not just a “talking head” in the industry.

After the presentation, we had a chance to talk- and I whipped out my flip cam and asked him to share his thoughts RE: social media and PR. He also provided some teaser information about the subject matter of his next book- which from the way he speaks about it, it should shake things up for some companies and analysts. Check out the full video blog interview on my YouTube channel (thanks to the Greater Kansas City PRSA for organizing a great event).

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