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UNO’s new IT Innovation degree launches promotional video


In August, I wrote a short post about UNO’s new degree, the IT Innovation degree, which was going to allow students combine an IT degree with another, customized field of study.

According to UNO’s press release, students have expressed interest in focusing their IT coursework with application to another field of their interest. To complete the degree, students will not only have to meet a certain amount of credit hours, but during the capstone course, they’ll be required to develop an IT product or service, document its technical and market feasibility, and create a prototype.

Additionally, students will attend workshops, conferences and seminars about entrepreneurship on campus and in the community. Each student will also be assigned a mentor in the business community.

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Although I don’t have an update to share with you today, I recently recieved the promotional video that was made for the program by Rick Knudtson, a UNO student. I plan to speak with the program’s director, Dr. Jerry Wagner, at semester’s end to hear how the first semester went.

Enjoy the video — Rick did an excellent job.

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