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Five in Five with Chris De Jabet from Techēse

Name: Chris De Jabet

City you’re blogging from: Lincoln

1. What is the name, subject and URL of your blog?

My blog is called techēse. I’ve defined that as “of or relating to technology or its language, culture, or people.” My goal is to write informative insights into interesting new technology. Expect a fair bit of Apple-related articles, naturally. The site just launched on Feb 1st, 2010, and can be found at techese.net.

2. Why do you blog?

Blogging is a convenient way to express myself creatively. I love to write. Some people write in a diary or journal that is never read by anyone. That simply isn’t fulfilling for me. I want people to read my writings, become informed, make their own opinions, and be challenged enough to respond or write their own thoughts down. Blogging gives me the freedom to reach an audience.

3. How long have you been blogging and what software do you use?

I’ve been blogging since June 2005. I’ve used Blogger, then WordPress (.com), then my own hosted WordPress (.org) install. I’ve just rebranded and relaunched using Squarespace. No worries, though, my entire catalog of posts made the transition.

4. What’s your favorite blog (besides your own)?

Oh, I have many blogs that I read. One of the sources of my inspiration is John Gruber’s Daring Fireball. A blog I particularly enjoy is FruitBytes, which is written by a good friend of mine in Britain.

5. What do you think the state of the blogosphere is in our region?

Down here in Lincoln, blogging seems to be gaining traction. Most of what I’ve seen revolves around leveraging social media or self-promotion. It feels as if Omaha is driving the blogging boom in the midwest, and the surrounding cities are catching on.

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