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Secret Penguin & Archrival launch government websites today

I think it’s cool to see government entities hire forward-thinking design firms to redesign their websites, so when I saw these two tweets this morning, I had to pass them along:

SecretPenguin: Returned from Mayor Suttle’s (@jimsuttle) State of the City Address where he announced his new site we made: http://cityofomaha.org/mayor/


ArchrivalStudio: Check out the new website we just launched for the Republic of Kenya. http://bit.ly/bdXlJa


Also, for a recent episode, 60 Minutes shot on location at the mysterious halfpipe Red Bull created for Shaun White to perfect his new tricks for the current Olympics. Archrival, who does quite a bit of work for Red Bull, created the site to show it off and won an FWA Site of the Day award for it last October.

Here’s the 60 Minutes segment:

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