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Nik Fackler’s ‘Lovely, Still’ opens in Omaha today

A film five years in the making for Nik Facker, the now 26 year-old writer and director from Omaha, opens in two theaters in his hometown today. First released in New York and Pennsylvania on September 10, Fackler’s “Lovely, Still” will play in 18 states before its DVD release on November 9. At 12:30 p.m. today, the film opens at Marcus Midtown Crossing Theatre and Marcus Village Pointe Cinema.

Earlier this month, we highlighted Fackler in our series “Nebraska Film: An Exploration of the Growing Community.” See the article – Nebraska Film: Nik Fackler, writer & director of ‘Lovely, Still’ – to learn more about Fackler’s background, his mentor, Dana Altman of North Sea Films, and his thoughts on the Omaha filmmaking community.

In addition to the topics covered in the article, we asked Fackler a number of question about “Lovely, Still.” Those answers are below.

Left: Martin Landau and Nik Fackler pose on the set of “Lovely, Still.” Photo from nikfackler.com.

Silicon Prairie News: What’s the story behind the characters of “Lovely, Still?”

Nik Fackler: My dad brought up that there’s this – my dad’s a really creative person, he has been totally there inspirationally, and my mom, as well – so, my dad [said], ‘You’ve got to meet this character at our diner, he’s a really cool character.’ So, I went and met him and was like, ‘This is a cool character.’ I started writing a story about him and it changed. I wrote it, and it changed and changed and changed, and then I fell in love with a girl for the first time…and that’s when I was 17 and from that my creative juices just exploded. And “Lovely, Still” was born. I took it to Dana (Altman) and he [said], ‘Ok, this is really good, this has something really special here,’ but then he [said], ‘We need to work on this,’ and I got my first notes and basically for five years…I would give the script to the artists of the music videos [I was working on] and get there take on it.

Why did you film it in Omaha?

I was going to do it regardless, it just so happened that the film that I wrote when I was imagining it in my head all took place in Omaha, that’s what I knew. I wasn’t very traveled…basically, my brainspace was filled with Omaha locations and I just knew everyone in Omaha and was comfortable, just felt good here. I’m kind of a big advocate for Omaha.

What was it like seeing the first screening of “Lovely, Still?”

When it finally showed, almost 10 years [after starting on it], it’s really surreal and you’re trying to go back to that feeling that you [had] when you were 17 to capture those emotions, but you already sort of used them up already way back when you were 17…so now I get this nostalgic feeling. It’s an odd mix of feelings to be honest.

To view showtimes for “Lovely, Still” visit marcustheatres.com.

To learn more about Fackler, I recommend the blog of Leo Adam Biga, leoadambiga.wordpress.com.

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