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Sunday Video: OWH cartoonist Jeff Koterba explains his process

Today’s video takes us off the web and onto the drawing board, literally. It’s a profile on Omaha World-Herald editorial cartoonist Jeff Koterba, who has been with the publication for 22 years. In that time, Koterba estimates he’s drawn nearly 6,000 cartoons – he sends six cartoons to the editor’s desk each week.

What I found interesting about Koterba’s process was that while other departments in the newsroom have turned to the computer to complete their duties, Koterba has stuck to pen, paint brushes, paper and, his single use of technology, a copy machine. Although, he does use a computer daily to peruse the news, from Omaha.com to other news website, looking for inspiration for his colorful pieces of commentary.

I hope you enjoy this video profile as much as I did. And for some technology-related humor from Koterba, check out our post: Sunday funnies from Jeff Koterba.

To read Koterba’s writeup that accompanies the video, visit Omaha.com: Cartoonist loves feel of ink, paper, paint.

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