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First Look: Halo Institute’s new home at Creighton

At the center of Halo Institute’s new home is a shared conference room and meeting space with the Halo logo on the wall. Photo by Danny Schreiber.

This past October, Halo Institute, a nonprofit business incubator now wholly run by Creighton University College of Business, relocated to Creighton University‘s campus at 2500 California Plaza. Steven Adams (pictured left) and I stopped by yesterday to interview Halo’s new director and entrepreneur in resident, John Blazek (pictured right). We have a story in the works that will be published next week, but before we published it we wanted to share a first look at Halo’s new home.

During our visit yesterday, I snapped the following photos of the new space that is, important to note, still a work in progress.

Outside the building that houses the Halo Institute, which is located on half of its top floor (third floor). Note: This photo, unlike the others, was taken earlier this year.

Just inside the door at Halo is the office of RX Quote.

The office of Halo director and entrepreneur in residence John Blazek.

Photos of the old location combined with inspirational words adorn the hallways.

A Creighton sign on the door leading into the conference room and meeting space.

A glance at the conference room and meeting space.

A better look at the conference room and meeting space.

The office of MedLetters, another company in Halo.

Office space to be occupied.

And more office space to be occupied – Blazek envisions this space to be another meeting room, possibly for “brown bag lunch” gatherings.

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