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Did you spot the differences? The answers to our holiday card

The Orginal:

The Silicon Prairie News, Tripleseat & Brightmix interactive holiday card, found at spne.ws/holiday. Photo by Adam Nielsen, differences designed by Rick Knudston of Tripleseat.

This is a guest post by Tony Noecker of Tripleseat (pictured bottom right). He can be found on Twitter @noecker.

We here at Silicon Prairie News, Brightmix, and Tripleseat had a great time putting our holiday card together this year. 138 friends, family, and readers submitted their results online. As a fun wrap up, and since we kept track of a bit more information than just name, we have some statistics for those who played the game.

Hardest to find

As we expected, Jeff’s reflection was the hardest difference to find by a large margin. In 57 percent of the responses, it was the last difference to be found. The “ease of finding” (EOF) score was 8.5 (out of a maximum of 10 with 1 being easiest). Not quite as subtle but still more difficult to find were Rick’s hand in his pocket (16.2% last, 7.6 EOF) and Dusty’s Diet Mountain Dew can (11.8% last, 6.5 EOF).

Easiest to find

Several of the differences were pretty easy to spot. We were excited to see that players took notice of Analog’s shirt very quickly. 28% of the players found that difference first, and it scored the lowest with 4.0 EOF. Also obvious were the direction of Geoff’s picture (20% first find, 4.1 EOF) and Kevin’s shirt color (14.7% first, 4.6 EOF).

Length of game

Our generally inaccurate game timer determined that players took an average of 16 minutes and 12 seconds. to complete the game. Of course, since the timer started the moment the game was opened, those who didn’t get to it right away submitted a higher time than it likely took them. Also, anyone with a physical card had an advantage as they had an opportunity to find those differences before playing. Without the top and bottom 5% of responses, the average time to complete was 3 minutes and 35 seconds.

Mistakes made

On average, 2.9 mistakes were made per player. That also might be a bit off as it looks like several people might have clicked through to make mistakes on purpose, to read all of the mistake messages. Without the top and bottom 5%, that number gets down to 2.0 mistakes.

Online Winners

Here’s a list of our online players. Thanks again to everyone who played, whether you submitted your name or not. Hope you enjoyed the card.

A.J. Coleman, Aaron, Adam Brehm, Adam Lassek, Adam Nielsen, Al Caruso, Alex, Amanda Styron, Andrea Ciurej, Andrew Wirick, Andy, andy brudtkuhl, Anne, Aron Filbert, Ashley, Becky Mollenkamp, Ben, Bill Ervin, Brad Podraza, Brian Ardinger, Brittany Knudtson, Carol Zuegner, Caroline Moore, Chad J., Chris McCain, Chris Tierney, Coach Bauer, Colleen Noecker, Conan O’Brien, Corey, Corey Keith, Cristin Zweig, Dan England, Dan Hatfield, Daniel Muller, Dave B, Dave Homan, Dave Knudtson, david, David Hanson, David Vana, Davin Bickford, Dayne, doug, Elizabeth Buttler, Emily Johnson, Emily Nielsen, Eric Downs, Erica Rueschhoff, Evan Johnston, Free Range Data, Gabe Kangas, Hillary Brown, Jaci Rebrovich, Jake Kerber, Jake Stutzman, James Armstead, James Eliason, James Robertson, Jarvis, Jasmine Maharisi, Jean S., Jefferson, Jeremy, Jessica Codr, Jill Thayer, Jim, Jimmy Winter, Joel Bennett, John Gilroy, jonathan morse, Jordan, Jordan Gustafson, Josh Dreyer, Josh WeinholdJuan, Julie, Justin Klemsz, Kaleigh, Kathy Cubit, Kayleen Beccard, Kenny Younger, Kristin DeKay, Krystal, Malinda Frevert, Mark Waterstraat, Matt Poulsen, Matt Steele, Megan, Megan Brandsrud, Merlin Mann, Michael Dixon, Michelle Steinbeck, Mike Clements, Mollie Batten, MP Contreras, Nanci, Nancy Kirk, Norah Carroll, P. A. Tomasek, Paul Vachal, Phil, Rahul Gupta, Randy, Recognize, Rob Jordan, Rob Schweers, Robert Murphy, Robin Crabtree, Rod Armstrong, ryan oelkers, Ryan Swanstrom, Sally Schreiber, Sara Davidson, Sarah Marckmann, Sarah Wengert, Scott Harrington, Shane Neuerburg, Spencer Anderson, susie smoler, Tasha, terry tomasek, Tim Fisher, Tom, Tom Nemitz, Tom Swartwood, Travis Graven, Tricia Schreiber, Wade Shipley, Wendy Townley, yay, and @wjmp.

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