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Hazard provides playground for users, creator Adam Coomes

By his own admission — if one sentence in a Twitter bio qualifies as admissable evidence — Adam Coomes has “too much fun.” With his latest side project, Coomes is trying to help other people do the same.

Coomes, the Kansas City-based co-founder of Infegy and freshly minted marketing manager at Zaarly, is also the brains behind Hazard, a new gaming app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. In Hazard — which sells for $.99 in the app store — the goal is to move the main character, “Harry,” to keep him from getting crushed by a series of collapsing ceilings. The object of the game is simple, and so, too, is the process involved in users launching it. That, Coomes said, is ideal for a mobile app that’s most frequently played in short spurts.

“I wanted to create an old-school arcade gaming experience where high scores had meaning, yet keep a current feel on a mobile device,” Coomes said in an email interview. “I also wanted to make a game that you could load up and play immediately for a few minutes at a time, which is how a mobile game should be.

“Most mobile games have a few splash screens, a menu and too many options to click through before you can play. If you have one or two minutes to play a game, why waste 30 seconds trying to start it? Hazard allows you to jump in and play in a split second.”

In Hazard, users try to keep the character Harry safe from falling cielings. Screenshot from Apple.com.

Hazard is a product of Keymash, which Coomes said he created as a “personal playground for projects I’ve always wanted to work on.” Coomes facilitated Hazard’s creation and hired an international team to build it.

“The team that worked with me on Hazard is incredibly talented,” Coomes said. “We intend to work on more iPhone/iPad games together in the future.”

The team has made modifications to Hazard since its initial release, and Coomes said more changes that “should really enhance the gameplay” are on the way. With any luck, those changes might just mean too much fun for everyone.

Editor’s Note: Danny Schreiber contributed to this story.

Free Codes: Coomes has given Silicon Prairie News five free codes to hand out to our readers. If you’d like try Hazard on your iPhone or iPod touch, leave a comment below. The first five individuals will be sent a code.