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Guest Post: The value of attending Iowa Code Camp

This is a guest post by Chris Missal, a software developer working for the J&P Cycles Ecommerce department in Anamosa, Iowa. Living in Cedar Rapids, he spends his free time helping out with the Cedar Rapids .Net Users Group and Iowa Code Camp. When he’s not being a computer geek, Chris likes to disc golf and try to improve his mediocre bowling game.

You can contact Chris at chris.missal@gmail.com or find him on Twitter, @ChrisMissal.

(Photo courtesy of Missal)

Iowa Code Camp 2008. Photo by Javier Lozano via Piscasa.

If you’re interested or involved in technology, there’s an event that you should look into that is starting on its fourth year. Iowa Code Camp is a biannual event that focuses on being a community driven, developer focused, free event for software developers. Whether you’re working on creating the next big social networking app, a game changing iPhone app or just continuing on your company’s product. There is so much to learn at one of these events.

The Iowa Code Camp organizers spend their spring putting on an event in eastern Iowa, Cedar Rapids or Iowa City, and in autumn plan the event in the Des Moines area. With two events per year, the organizers are gearing up for the seventh camp and getting pretty good at it.

Code Camp sessions are presented by speakers of all walks of life. There’s your well-learned, well-traveled speaker who is know around the Midwest for being a “tech evangelist.” We also have talented individuals working at large corporations that really know their stuff and how to solve tough problems. More often than one might think is your uber-smart developer and sometimes CEO of a small startup that shares their progressive technology stack with eager crowds.

While the events are developer focused, anybody is welcome (and encouraged) to attend. There is still plenty to learn from Iowa Code Camp even if you’re not a programmer. Many sessions can help one understand the technical hurdles that developers are faced with, afraid of or currently working on. If you’re interested in hearing about how to build quality software, please attend. If you’re looking to see what the developer world is all about, please attend. If you feel like mingling with talented individuals, please attend.

The next Iowa Code Camp is coming up very soon. Kirkwood Community College is hosting the event on April 30 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Registration will be open until until a few days before the event, be sure to sign up so you don’t miss out!

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