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Join us for the Silicon Prairie News Meetup on Thursday at Brazen Head

Thurday’s Silicon Prairie News Meetup will lack a massive feed bowl, but it guarantees great social interaction. Photo by Kim Navarre via Flickr.

At Silicon Prairie News, we often say that we love to connect offline with the individuals and companies that we connect with online. As our community grows, however, we have missed out on meeting some of the new faces and realized that we have yet to meet many of those who have been with us since we began blogging and holding events in 2008.

In an effort to connect with those individuals, hear their stories and bring a group of startup- and creative-minded individuals together, we’re going to begin holding regular Silicon Prairie News Meetups. First on the calendar is a meetup in Omaha from 6-8 p.m. Thursday at Brazen Head Irish Pub (319 North 78th Street).

These meetups will be quite relaxed with no planned agenda or speakers, although we’re open to suggestions after we see how meetup No. 1 goes on Thursday. There’s no cost to attend, and although it’s not required, it would be appreciated if you RSVP on Facebook. So far on the RSVP list from Silicon Prairie News is co-founder Dusty Davidson, editor Michael Stacy and myself.

We’ll release dates for meetups in other Silicon Prairie cities in the coming weeks, so make sure to stay tuned.

Here are the details for this Thursday’s meetup:

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