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Big Omaha 2011 media roundup

During his presentation, Bo Fishback successfully Zaarlyed a bottle of fresh milk, which caused many in the audience to tweet, such as Neil Blumenthal: “Founder of Zaarly @Bofishback Zaarlyed fresh milk during speech, bottle of milk and providing cow showed up – brilliant!” Photo by Malone & Company.

From year to year, the surge of conversation that follows Big Omaha springboards inspiration and action beyond the lanyard wearing and Red Bull drinking times of the conference.

Nearly two weeks has passed since this year’s Big Omaha and as we debrief, we’re excited to perpetuate the conversation once again and hear what the energy of the conference has generated. Our attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers rallied for two and a half days sparking energy, drive and motivation to move forward beyond the words of the conference. We’re jazzed to hear what Big Omaha traction has inspired others to do, and we’ve compiled a list of various outlets to keep up with the ongoing dialogue.


Twitter Statistics

If you were not in attendance at this year’s sold-out Big Omaha, a quick glance at your twitter feed between May 11 and May 13 could have made believe you were perched up in a seat at KANEKO participating live. Attendees and fans of Big Omaha were busy live-tweeting more than 6,500 times during the conference and more than 9,000 times overall (as of May 15) with the hashtag #bigomaha.

Photo by Malone & Company

Our friends at Confurrent have supplied us with some Big Omaha Twitter data and the following tweets are just a few standouts that capture the feel of this year’s conference.

@DavidSpinks: Love the vibe here at #bigomaha. I can already tell how different it is from other conferences.

@pud: #bigomaha conference reminds me of SXSW before SXSW got huge & insane. Wouldn’t be surprised if this is huge & insane in 5 years.

@jessicalawrence: Love how #bigomaha crowd welcomes every speaker with standing ovation.

@inkandearnest: “My job today is to convince you that there’s never been a better time to be an innovator.” -Aneesh Chopra #bigomaha

@coreyspitzer: Solutions to world problems will come from entrepreneurs not from big institutions #bigomaha

@ramhatter: No idea is new. It’s all about execution. – @NeilBlumenthal at #bigomaha

@garyvee: #bigomaha I hope u are ready for me 🙂 I know u will be, Best crowd ever! here we go, Third time in a row, I am excited!

@MarcEcko: #bigomaha rocks. Amazing people. Hard not to love.

@secos: Remember: #bigomaha is a spark and a catalyst, but in the end it depends on us working together to create amazing new things



Since Big Omaha 2011 finished up, we’ve been wrapping our heads around all of what was seen and heard and our attendees have helped share their experiences and insight with us. We find great value in the words and actions of our attendees and here are a few of the best blog entries on their conference takeaways.


Big Omaha Recap: More to Come

By: Wendy Townley

Sunday, May 14

A quick glance to my right displays a numerical digital readout. And the numbers obviously tell me I am crazy. It is 5:11 a.m. on a Saturday, and I am wide awake. I have found myself bright-eyed at this hour many times before; its occurrence is almost always the result of something inspirational.

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What I Learned from Big Omaha Change Yourself and Change the World

By: Greg Meyer

Monday, May 15

Just Get Going

When I sat down to write my takeaways from the Big Omaha conference I attended this week, I struggled with finding a focus. And then I realized that the two key things that I learned from the speakers and from my fellow attendees made it easy. First – as Shervin Pishevar put it in his inspiring talk, always ask for what you want, because you can “go from 100% no to the potential of 100% yes.”

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Big Omaha: From the ether comes inspiration

By: Todd Murphy, Universal Information Services

Monday, May 15

Coming off the third year of the Big Omaha Conference, an event that promotes itself as “The Nation’s Most Ambitious Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, I can attest that this event is like no other in the World. Yes, there are the high powered speakers who have “made it” with an idea PLUS luck, timing, venture capital and/or bootstrapping. Yes, there are great parties that punctuate each day’s events. Yes, there are even visits from politicians.

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Big Omaha 2011 – Review

By: Ef Rodriguez

Friday, May 20

My review of Big Omaha 2011 in a word: focused.

I went into this conference looking for something smaller and more intimate. What I found was a collection of some of the most directed and sharp minds I’ve ever been around. The conference allowed me to get close to these folks and have genuine conversations with them, since they weren’t preoccupied with other events happening just around the block (which is so often the case at SXSWi, for example).

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Thank you!

We are humbled by the number of articles, video, photos, blogs and tweets so far from Big Omaha participants. Although we’ve shared with you only a handful of the best from this year’s conference, we’d like to thank all whom have given special attention to contribute to the Big Omaha conversation.


Complete Coverage

As of Tuesday, May 31,* here is the most recent list of press coverage and blog posts that gave attention to Big Omaha 2011.

Ef Rodriguez is interviewed by Malone & Company for a future Big Omaha recap video. Photo by Malone & Company.



Day-of Conference Coverage

May 11

May 12

May 13



If we’ve missed one, please add it in a comment below or email me at brittany@siliconprairienews.com and we’ll update the list.

*We’ll be updating this list as more coverage is published.

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