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Startup Spaces: CAMP Coworking, Omaha’s first coworking space

A school-themed entry way welcomes people to CAMP Coworking, a collaborative workspace north of downtown.

School’s out, but CAMP is in session. Last week, we ran an update on the progress Omaha’s CAMP Coworking (1111 North 13th St.) experienced in its first year (see our post: “CAMP Coworking weathers first year with same culture, new strategy). Today, we want to provide a visual of the collaborative workspace. (Left, a graphic of CAMP’s current full-time tenants. Graphic by Brittany Mascio.)

Megan Hunt, the owner of CAMP, recently said via Twitter, “Someday I want to tell the whole story of how we moved into the Mastercraft building. It’s as if it found me.” And, by taking a peek into the facility, we hope to better understand the fit between the folks and facility. 

In its first year, the space has radically transformed, and photos from the beginning stages give a clear indication of the work Hunt and CAMP’s initial tenants, like Eric Downs of DownsDesign, put into the space for the remodel. And, although many of the labor-intensive home improvements are finished, CAMP continues to update its flair with subtle yet unique accoutrements that build the culture of the space. 

Last week marked the official start of summer, and I was not going to miss the opportunity to draw a few parallels to summer camp. So bring your bug spray and sense of adventure, and check out the photos from my field trip to CAMP’s workspace. (All photos by Brittany Mascio.)

The CAMP Coworking space is located inside the Mastercraft building.  

A hard-to-miss arrow directs visitors into the offices of the building. 

CAMP Coworking is in the same neck of the woods as What Cheer and SecretPenguin. 

Arts and Crafts time at CAMP produced more than friendship bracelets, as handmade door tags welcome visitors to the space. 

CAMP Coworking signage adorns the window outside of the entrance.

Beyond the entry way, tenants and guests can take a load off.

A piece of CAMP flair bounces around the space.

“Lights out, campers,” means little or nothing to those who occupy full-time desk space at CAMP. Tenants work throughout the day and night on a come-and-go basis. Early birds and night owls alike work at CAMP, and occasionally you’ll find those who fall somewhere in between asleep on the couch.

A closer look at the games, books and other items of inspiration found at CAMP. 

A three-pillar map with Omaha, Nebraska boldly pinned hangs across the wall. 

It may not be a three-legged race, but CAMP Coworking sees its share of activity, especially during the summer. Whether it’s RDQLUS long-boarding down the halls or others taking a scoot on a 1999 vintage Razor scooter, there’s bound to be plenty of moving around. 

Eric Downs, (right in the above photo) the owner of DownsDesign and resident CAMP “lifeguard” since the very beginning, said it’s not all about the fun and games. “Somebody’s got to work,” he said. As Downs said that, Hunt talked of the marshmallow wars that routinely happen throughout the space. Hunt said a healthy balance of social interaction is important at CAMP. “In this culture,” she said, “people want to stay at work longer.”

A shot of the CAMP cabins – or offices – on the opposite side of the space.  

A view from one of the front corners to the office overlooking the full space. 

A peek at CAMPer Michael Dekay of Image Made hard at work. 

A glimpse at some of the pieces from Princess Lasertron

Hunt and the Princess Lasertron crew hold down the fort in the back corner of the space. 

Neither lunch nor snacks has been canceled due to lack of hustle at this camp. Unlike in the Ben Stiller flick Heavy Weights, snacks are aplenty in these parts. 

As close to a bird’s eye view as I could get of the back corner of the office. 

Swanky chairs and an assortment of spirits can be found in the back of the coworking space. 

Viewed from the outside of the space looking, CAMP Coworking decals and banners are prominently displayed.  

Although not the size of a mess hall table, this smaller oak substitute provides CAMPers with enough space to drink coffee, eat snacks or sprawl out and do work. 

In its first year, CAMP has seen lots of big moments. From the move-in days of each CAMPer to the triumphs and trials throughout the year, CAMP bears many of the same sentiments associated with other over-night camps. This swag represents some of the milestones of CAMP’s first year.

For more information on CAMP Coworking, visit campcoworking.com

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