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Sunday Video: Arrington vs. Zuckerberg, for perspective’s sake

Video from zennie62 on YouTube.

Michael Arrington and Mark Zuckerberg are a couple of guys who have made the headlines a little bit lately, no?

Arrington, of course, was recently deposed as editor of TechCrunch in an exit that caused quite the stir. And Zuckerberg’s never far from the limelight, but he was an especially hot topic this week thanks to his keynote at Facebook’s f8 conference and the new features unveiled there.

So, now seems as good a time as any to post a Sunday Video featuring the two tech titans. Today’s video comes from TechCrunch’s 2010 Crunchies, during which Zuckerberg sat down for an interview with Arrington.

The video is worth watching not necessarily because it offers extraordinary insight into the inner-workings of Facebook as it is now. Twenty months, after all, might as well be a score (that’s 20 years, for those of who aren’t fluent in GettsyburgAdressish) in Facebook time. Rather, the interview deserves a gander because of the perspective it provides.

For one, it offers a reminder of the astounding growth Facebook has experienced. Early in his conversation with Arrington, Zuckerberg mentions the social network surpassing 350 million users. That was 20 months ago. On Thursday, it hit 800 million users.

Also worth noting are Zuckerberg’s reflections on privacy: “When we got started just in my dorm room at Harvard, the question a lot of people asked was why would I want to put any information on the internet at all?” And now? Well, with the unveiling of Timeline on Thursday, Facebook intends to let you tell, as Zuckerberg put it, “the story of your life.” For better or worse, that sure is a far cry from what Zuckerberg expressed as the prevailing attitude just a few years back.

So give the video a view and chime in below with your take on what about the interview strikes you. But be warned: 20 months from now, your take may seem a tad antiquated. 

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