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Your submissions, our winner: ‘Why do you want to go to Thinc Iowa?’

Attendees from across Iowa gather for a group photo at the Big Omaha 2011 opening party. Photo by Malone & Company.

On Thursday, we shared with you our story of answering an important question, “Why Thinc Iowa?” Then, we turned it over to you: Why do you want to join us at the inaugural event? And to the best answer given, we offered a complimentary ticket, hotel stay and an invite to an exclusive speaker meet and greet.

Thanks to the many of you who submitted an entry. Some were short, sweet and funny, and others were longer and thought-provoking, each of them giving us inspiration and motivation for the final Thinc Iowa preparations these last two weeks.

Now, it’s time to announce our winner. We’ve chosen an entry that spoke to the root of the conference – at its core, we’re excited about the entrepreneurial activity in the Silicon Prairie and we’re continually pushed by the activity of startups. On top of that, we’re seeing powerful things happen when the established business community embraces the mission of the startups. Partnerships occur, innovation happens, the startup community grows.

Without futher ado, our winner is … (drumroll please) … Norah Carroll of Lava Row, and here’s our favorite part of her entry (find it in full in our previous post):

So why do I want to attend Thinc Iowa in its inaugural year? Because I work for a company that aims to live the mission of Thinc Iowa every day, but I know there’s more I can contribute. With the all-star group of thought leaders slated for Thinc Iowa, I know I’ll be challenged to look beyond my own experience and see the possibilities that lie ahead for Iowa’s business community – and what I can do to help us get there. Plus, Fruit Roll-Ups for breakfast? Count me in.

(Photo from lavarow.com)

Congrats to Norah and thanks again to all of those who submitted a reason.

To grab your own ticket to Thinc Iowa, taking place October 20-21, visit eventbrite.com.

Here are five more entries that we thought spoke to the Thinc Iowa misson well: 

Joel Bennett via Twitter:

Why #ThincIowa? I’ve been both big corporate & small startup. Now I want 2 B part of the movement that builds the playground in the middle.

From Ethan Meyer via email:

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I am currently in full startup mode with my company and looking to get some feedback from an amazing group of entrepreneurs. Also, I am poor as all get-out and need a way to attend all the action at Thinc Iowa without having to bust my piggy bank. I know you’re busy but I promise to leave extra cookies if you could make this happen. p.s. please tell all your elves to like Silicon Prairie News and Thinc Iowa on Facebook.

Ann Jennett Appleseth on our post:

After 20+ years of working for others, I am branching out on my own as a communications/public relations consultant. Thinc Iowa provides one of my first opportunities to be surrounded by people who have taken that leap or facilitated the leap for others. I want to be a part of the ever-increasing pulse of the entrepreneurial community in Iowa and the Midwest.

Sayer Martin on our post:

To me, the more relevant question is why I’d not want to go. I’d want to avoid the chance to meet and listen to people who are changing the world and will continue to; to avoid inspiration; to throw away the opportunity to collect serendipity. Going is instinctive; not going would require a decision.

Michael Willmott via Twitter:

I hope to see the corps throw down some serious innovation challenges to start-ups at #ThincIowa!

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