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Omaha’s bus system, Metro, is now on Google Transit

Google Transit provides door-to-door directions for users to find the shortest and quickest route via public transit. Screenshot from maps.google.com.

Update December 29: It’s now official. See the release from Metro: “Metro bus routes now on Google Maps“. (Hat tip to Kevin Flatowicz-Farmer.)

Metro, Omaha’s bus system, is now live on Google Transit, a Google product that identifies transit times and routes needed to get from point A to point B. This gives riders an alternative to Metro’s current Trip Planner, which provides similar functionality but in a less user-friendly and accessible way. With Google Transit live for Omaha, directions can now be grabbed online or on-the-go with a smartphone, as well.

We’ve paid close attention to Omaha’s Google Transit implementation over the past few months because we see it as a small but important upgrade to the city’s overall use of technology. It’s not only a great tool for Omahans, but for visitors – think Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting and Men’s College World Series – it’ll provide a great experience navigating the city.

To give it a try, I asked for directions from CAMP Coworking in the North Downtown district to DocLanding in West Omaha. It looks like I’ll need to make one transfer and should expect to ride for one hour and 17 minutes ride. I’ll be grabbing a book for that trip.

Screenshot from maps.google.com

Here’s a quick demo on how to use Google Transit provided by Google (the video is a bit out-dated but still provides a basic overview):



Now, in celebration, take it away Destiny’s Child with the 1999 not-hit song “Get on the bus”

Update Thursday 10 a.m. – “It’s official” was removed from the opening line as Metro has yet to make an official announcement at this time.

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