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Sunday Video: A cardboard arcade and an early adopter

April 15, 2012 by

From your friends on Facebook to the hosts of The Today Show, it seems everyone – well, those who account for one of 4 million video views in six days – is talking about “Caine’s Arcade,” a short film documenting the imagination and entrepreneurial spirit of a nine-year-old boy in East Los Angeles.

A Los Angeles Times’ article captured the latter of those qualities of Caine Monroy, the film’s main character.

After all, fame was never the point. Caine is interested in customers.

Paying customers.

Caine’s dad, George, said Caine has always had a knack for spotting money making opportunities — buying trendy rubber bracelets for 99 cents on eBay and selling them for $5 at swap meets, or turning an old skateboard and a cardboard box into a roaming vending machine where he sold Kit Kats, bottled water and potato chips for a dollar.

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For entrepreneurs who dream big and work day after day on a product that on launch is, as Ben Silbermann says, “stealth without trying to be stealth” this video should serve as motivation. Overnight, thanks to the efforts of one early adopter, a cardboard arcade in car repair shop went from zero daily users to thousands.

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