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Thanks to our Big Omaha coverage sponsor, CoSentry

From photos to videos, stay tuned for loads of Big Omaha coverage this week.

As we kick off the week of Big Omaha, our team of contributors is preparing to deliver recaps of speakers, reports on attendees and roundups of parties. And that’s just the start, because this year, thanks to the support of our coverage sponsor CoSentry, we’re readying ourselves for the most comprehensive coverage of Big Omaha yet.

Starting today, we’ll have stories highlighting our event partners and sponsors, and we’ll also share useful tips, such as a guide for the “badgeless” Big Omaha attendees. We’ll have recaps of each speaker and a variety of stories that provide a look at what goes on in the hallways, lounges and lunch rooms at Big Omaha.

To follow all the action, visit our Big Omaha coverage page.

About our sponsor, CoSentry

For more than a decade, CoSentry has provided startups, web-based enterprises and larger organizations a safe, secure, affordable network of computing and data storage facilities. In the new era of consolidated infrastructure, CoSentry delivers basic data center services as well as Cloud Computing, Help Desk On Demand and all the expertise and tools to meet regulatory and compliance requirements. As the region’s fastest growing data center network and a nationally recognized leader in regulated high density computing, CoSentry has 150 people dedicated to help clients succeed at every stage of their development.

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